Home based care the solution to everyone especially the elderly


The advantages of home-based care are beneficial to everyone. Just about anyone from busy parents to international travellers who would find foreign hospitals bewildering, would prefer health care to come to them. Due to hospital overcrowding, exorbitant overhead fees of clinics, doctors’ offices and hospitals, mobile doctor services such as Doctors-on-Call, house call service,  are even found to be cheaper for both patient and doctor alike.

The elderly have a lot to gain from home-based health care

For some elderly patients, home-based care does not just make health care more convenient, but in some cases, it makes it possible in the first place. It can even make it safer.

Many elderly patients, 65 and older, may struggle to get to hospitals or clinics as they lack the transport, family support or the basic physical mobility to get around. For these reasons, many elderly patients actually forego seeking medical care. Having medical care come to them enables and encourages them to maintain the ideal level of health care.

As we age, our immune systems became increasingly frail and we become more susceptible to illnesses and infections. Due to this fact, it is advisable for elderly, or anyone those with compromised immune systems to avoid environments and situations where there is a high possibility of contracting an infection. Unfortunately, hospital and doctor waiting rooms can prove to be one exact example of these as they are filled with sick patients. It is ironic, but elderly patients can become ill seeking medical care due to exposure to other patients in a hospital, clinics and doctors’ offices. Having a doctor visit them obviously eliminates this risk.

Upper respiratory tract infections in the elderly

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI) are rife during the colder months and infect the sinuses, larynx, and the nose. For most people, infections can be treated with relative ease. More severe cases, however, can lead to complications that are more serious and even to death.

A weakened immune system, such as those of the elderly, increases the risk of URTI’s. Not only this, but URTI’s can be particularly dangerous for elderly patients with the symptoms of URTI’s in elderly patients tend to be more severe due their fragility the fact that older people. They are also prone to having many other existing medical conditions which could exacerbate or be exacerbated by the presence of a URTI.

Good News: Doctors On Call

Doctors-on-Call offer reliable and efficient service can proof a lifesaver, literally, to elderly patients.

Our doctors provide an array of treatments including examinations and vaccinations. Pneumonia is one of the more common URTI’s in elderly patients. Therefore, they will be happy to know that Doctors-on-Call provides Pneumonia vaccinations among many others. Early detection and treatments of many common ailments and infections can prevent them from progressing to more extreme stages, leading to even further complications. The routine check-ups provided by Doctors-on-call at home can also prevent unnecessary hospital admissions and the associated problems and costs. Considering all this, it is really worth considering investing in a home health care service such as Doctors-on-call.