Convenience while traveling

Hotel Visits

Medical care, anywhere

We are affiliated to numerous travel assistance/Insurance companies in the Johannesburg, East Rand, Midrand and the West Rand area.

Hotel & guest house visits

We help foreigners in the comfort of their room in hotels, guest houses, bed & breakfasts and rental apartments/homes.

Need for hospital referral

We are the perfect solution for decisive decision making where the need for hospital referral is questioned.

Define travel fitness

We do medical assessments for travelers who need to determine if they are fit to travel/fly.

Convenience of on-site medical treatment

Whether it’s a minor injury, illness, or unexpected medical issue, our doctors are readily available to provide prompt evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, alleviating the need for guests to seek medical assistance outside of the hotel premises.

Screening & tests

Laboratory blood testing, rapid COVID & Influenza testing, Mobile ECG and Lung Function.

Some of our clients