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Dear Dr. J

I wanted to thank you again for seeing me on such short notice at my hotel during my stay in SA and, to thank you for for making the rest of my trip so enjoyable! The cortisone shot did the trick, along with the pain meds and the anti inflammatory meds. I followed your advice by doing the exercise in the door frame everyday, to the point where I am able to raise my arm straight up over my head. I did have a follow up appointment with my Orthopedic doctor here and will start physical therapy next week.

I’m sure you will continue to help many more people, with your knowledge and expertise, in getting them back on the road to recovery. I am so lucky we crossed paths. Thank you again.
Dr. J

I wanted to thank you so much again for attending to Mrs. B at her home; so quickly yesterday and for taking with the anticipated medication she would need and taking blood for the tests then and there. I think that the antibiotic you put her on and the injection for nausea averted the need for immediate hospitalisation.I am happy to report that she is much better today; no more diarrhoea, very lucid and since your visit; as well as this morning she has been making an effort to walk around more (after a good night’s sleep). She has also been sipping Energade constantly and has been eating little meals, frequently throughout the day; as suggested by G E her physiotherapist – apple, banana, mash (as per your recommendations) and avoiding dairy products. We are also watching her temperature (which I will do more effectively from now; as I have purchased a Braun ear thermometer).

We will keep a close eye on her and if her temperature gets worse or she battles to breathe or loses consciousness, we will contact you; to either see her again or for you to admit her to hospital. We are trying to avoid the hospital route out of respect for her (as she detests being there and I do think she is getting good care at home) but have arranged an additional caregiver; and if she need a drip or hospital care, will have no hesitation in having her admitted. I was so impressed at your prompt action that when all of this settles down, I will be contacting your Practice for a full check-up. My husband and adult son will too. It is seldom today that one finds doctors; who are committed to the Hippocratic Oath and you are a tribute to your profession.
Mrs. B
Dear Doctors on Call team,

My wife Valerie Elizabeth R was taken ill in the early hours of Wednesday 5th March 2014 at the Indaba Hotel. She was attended by one of your Doctor’s but we did not get his name. We were so grateful for his expertise and the very detailed examination he gave to my wife.

We thought she was having a heart attack but the ECG and subsequent blood test showed this was not the case. He advised my wife not to travel with the rest of the party at 8.00am that morning to the Kruger National Park. We were however able to rejoin the rest of Group on the following Monday. This would not have been possible without your Doctor’s expert treatment and medication. Would you please pass on our very grateful thanks to him.
I would like to thank your organization for sending DOC to our home last year when we needed assistance with our father who is suffering from late stage Dementia. The situation came to a tragic point when we needed to make a decision as to whether or not we would send our dad to a clinic in his bad state or rather treat him at home with medical assistance. DOC was called out and he did everything in his power to help our dad as well as encouraged us not to give up when the private nurse we were using at the time told us that my dad would certainly pass away over the weekend and his physician at the Garden City was unwilling to do a house call. This was a few months ago and even though it has been a long struggle, we have our beloved father with us and he cannot do much, however he is stable.

With DOC assistance and guidance we manage to take care of our dad and appreciate each and every house call. With a range of services available, we chose your organization and we hope you value DOC services as he is an asset to you. The numbers of late stage dementia patients increase daily and I hope that their families will get the help they need. DOC places an emphasis on quality and gives specialized attention. ln our case, we are extremely grateful and hope that you will reward you for your efforts and hard work.
Lee & Family
I would like to thank you for the help you gave me recently when I was so ill after having had a para stomol hernia removed. It was only once you saw me at home that an abscess near the wound was suspected and it was you that insisted that I be taken back to hospital immediately!!! You were the only doctor available to me late at night and I think you saved my life. I will always be grateful to you.
I would just like to drop you a short note to say thank you so much for making home calls for my dad. He was very ill in hospital for three weeks. We felt that he was not improving at all – to say nothing about the nursing of my dad. The doctors did recommend that we bring my dad home, as he may have better personalised care. Rather than leave him in the hospital. We felt most anxious to do this as he was not well at all.

We then started trying to seeing if we where able cope with my dad at home. We arranged for a nurse aid to help us during the day. We knew that we needed a doctor to monitor my dad. We phoned many doctors to no avail as none of the doctors would be prepared to do house calls. Someone recommended “Doctors on Call” to us. We bless you a million times and was so grateful that we found your service. We truly believe that if you had not done any house calls to monitor my father and give him the medication that he needed he would not have survived. My dad was far to sick to even sit up in bed let alone take him to a doctor. We value your services, as we would not have been able to cope without personalised house calls. It was so nice to have a doctor who took an interest in the patient without knowing that you where rushing us as you had other patients sitting in your rooms. It also gave us peace of mind to know that as soon as my dad took a bad turn we could phone you and you would be there within the hour to give my dad the critical medical attention that he needed. It also alleviated the anxiety from my mom, as she knew if she phoned you she cloud speak to you and not wait for your nurse to phone her back or in most cases not phone back.

We have found your professionalism to be exceptional. Since we know of this service we have recommended it to many other people in a similar situation to us and all of them have been most impressed. Once again, there are no words to describe how grateful we are.
My husband is an alzeimer sufferer and cannot be transported easily, in fact it is very difficult to move him at all, if it was not for the Doctors on call it would be impossible to give him the treatment he needs as his condition is riot only mental but physical as well. we do not know what we would do without the compassion, reliable and excellent service we get. It would be impossible to do without the wonderful call out services.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to you with my recent home visit during my bout of flu. I am still in awe at your helpful, kind manner and the speed in which you got to me. Not only were your timeous, you answered all my questions before and after taking my appointment and your sympathetic attitude toward me was calming. Throughout your visit to my home I felt you to be really knowledgeable of your profession, making me feel most comfortable. You portrayed a sense of a well-rounded medical background and your approach was one of a genuine concern. I find that doctors usually are distracted or rushed when visiting patients, but not with you. I had the sense that you really cared about my whole being and not just the fact that I needed a physical exam and a perception for a mere mild antibiotic.

I will highly recommend this medical structure to all of my friends or family in need of a home call, and will also definitely recommend your Private Practice!
I wish to place on record the great appreciation that our family has for the outstanding services rendered by DOC. Our mother who is 90 years old has been treated over a long period of time by DOC with kindness, empathy and professionalism. He has been readily available at any time of the day or night – often calling just to enquire how Mom is.