Doctor house calls

House Calls

Specialised & tailor-made care

Our house doctors offer you an opportunity to be treated in the safety and comfort of your own home with absolute privacy and care. Being treated in a safe environment means a great deal to our patients as they are less anxious than they would usually be in a busy waiting room or packed hospital.

On call 24/7

We are available for prompt assistance via our Call Center every day of the week, assisting with simple colds and flu to terminal illness.

We come to you

We provide care to elderly and terminally ill patients, who may be too ill or frail to make the trip out to a doctor’s consulting rooms.

Skip the wait

We are equipped to handle minor injuries and on-site suturing. When needed, we arrange direct hospital admissions and specialist referral eliminating time spent in busy emergency rooms.

Ambulance call-out

We arrange ambulance transfers where required and will assist patient until the ambulance arrives.

Screening & tests

Laboratory blood testing, rapid COVID & Influenza testing, Mobile ECG and Lung Function.

Need for hospital referral

We are the perfect solution for decisive decision making where the need for hospital referral is questioned.