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Scheduled vaccinations are designed for both children and adults. They serve as a serious preventative measure against many infectious diseases, spread from person to person. They are usually recommended by most doctors and are sometimes part of standard infant medical care.

In fact, there is currently a global initiative called “Every Child by Two” which spreads awareness about the importance of childhood vaccinations. It also encourages parents to have their children vaccinated as per the recommended standard vaccination schedule by the age of two years.

What Scheduled Vaccinations Are

Vaccinations work by having a dead or weakened version of viruses or bacteria, which cause a certain illness deliberately, enter the body through various means.

The dead or weakened virus does will not cause illness but will cause the body’s immune system to respond in defence by creating anti-bodies to fight the infection.

These anti-bodies will remain in the body, fully active. When an individual that has been vaccinated against a certain illness is exposed to the virus or bacteria that causes it, their body will already have enough anti-bodies to kill the active virus or bacteria before it has a chance to make them ill.

If one does still become ill, the illness symptoms of the illness will be much milder than they would have been had they not been vaccinated.

Why Have Scheduled Vaccinations

Some infectious diseases can lead to disability, brain damage and even death in extreme cases. An infected individual can spread these illnesses to others. Epidemics and pandemics have killed off scores of people at a time and some continue to do so. So if we can prevent this from happening, why shouldn’t we?

Vaccinations can prevent entire communities even if not every person has them. This is referred to “herd immunity”- in which those who are vaccinated protect those who are not by preventing the spread of infection, while having already protected themselves.

Risks and Side Effects of Scheduled Vaccinations

With any form of medication, side effects are always a possibility.

Here are some common side effects:

  • Mild discomfort, skin irritation, burning and itching at the injection sight, which goes away in a day or two
  • In rare cases there may be a mild allergic reaction
  • Babies and young children may develop a mild fever, which usually subsides within two days.
  • In extremely rare cases (below one in a million), vaccinations may cause an anaphylactic reaction, which may lead to breathing complications and even to collapse. There is no need to worry as medical professionals are equipped to deal with this and it is reversible.

How To Schedule Vaccinations

The World Health Organization (WHO) offers a full and comprehensive scheduled vaccination guide detailing the vaccinations needed, information about the diseases they are designed to prevent. Any GP can advise on this. Doctors-on-Call have your scheduled vaccination automated

We know that it is a lot for anyone, especially busy parents, to keep up to date with vaccinations needed, from remembering them to actually going out and having them performed. Doctors-on-Call’s comprehensive range of services includes performing yours and your children’s scheduled vaccinations in the comfort of your home, school or workplace.

What’s more, our doctors can compile an individual vaccination schedule for you based on your specific medical needs.

This is why Doctors-on-Call once again have taken another worry off your hands.