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The house-call doctor is making a comeback! Doctors-on-Call are on the leading edge of mobile doctor services including the increasingly popular house call.

The Return of the House Call Doctor

Early in the previous century, house-call doctors were very common; with roughly 40% of doctor visits in the 1940s being house calls. Towards the middle to end of the century, this statistic went into steep decline as it was considered to be draining on a doctor’s time and resources. By the end of the century, house calls by doctors  accounted for only 1 % of doctor visits in the 1980’s.

However, in the past decade and a half, house calls by doctors are making a gradual comeback as house calls doubled in numbers from 1999 to 2009, and are increasing still.

There have been many changes in our modern lifestyle, which have led to increased need for the house-call doctor. These include:

  • An aging worldwide population- The elderly have a greater need for mobile medical services, due to more medical attention coupled with decreased mobility and decreased access to transport.
  • The overcrowding of hospitals
  • The need for the reduction of overhead costs to hospitals and health care facilities
  • The need for convenience in busy modern-day lives
  • The increased availability and popularity of smart phones and mobile apps and services has led to the increased demand for medical care to become another delivery service.
  • Increased travel has increased the need for mobile medicine, as busy travelers may prefer concierge medicine to navigating foreign hospitals for treatment.
  • With the increased awareness of the many contagious viruses going around, many consider house calls as a safer alternative for treatments.

So, mobile medicine, including house calls, prove to be cost-effective for both patient and doctor.

A ‘house call doctor’ NOT just for the house!

One of the many great features of Doctors-on-Call is that our services are not limited to the home. We are able to provide our services to anyone, anytime. Our services are available 24/7, via our call center and include a range of services from minor injuries and ailments to serious medical emergencies. If needed, we are able to arrange speedy ambulance transfers, direct hospital admissions as well as specialist referrals.

Travelers find our services particularly useful as they may be intimidated trying to find their way to hospitals in new places. In fact, Doctors-on-Call are even affiliated with numerous travel assistance as well as insurance companies.

Doctors-on-Call for businesses:

Corporate wellness has become increasingly popular as businesses worldwide are waking up to the fact that an unhealthy staff is bad for their work environment and for their bottom line.

Many businesses are implementing comprehensive corporate wellness programs. Doctors-on-Call are there to support these needs, providing mobile services to places of work to treat ill staff and to facilitate the illness-prevention measures in the workplace.

Our services to businesses include:

  • Business/ Corporate/  basic medical consultations and routine check-ups in the workplace to save time.
  • Company Flu injections ahead of flu season
  • Travel medicine advice and vaccinations for staff traveling to endemic regions abroad.
  • Fitness Tests prior to sending staff off on to site.
  • Pre-Employment Medicals for new staff

We are in the modern times, when everything seems to be moving faster, the need for efficient, timely medicine. Not to worry, Doctors-on-Call are one-step ahead of the game. We aim to your medical needs in check, while you get on with your wonderfully busy life.