The House Call Doctor is back

When you or your family are too sick to sit and wait to see the doctor.

Being ill is difficult enough as it is. It can limit your daily activities and set your life and goals back a bit, while you have no choice but to wait for your body to recover from illness at its own pace. Having a young child that is sick is not any easier. Only a parent knows the stress and anxiety they feel when their child is ill. Even though seeing a doctor is a no-brainer, getting there is a whole other saga.

When you are extremely ill, just getting to a doctor’s practice seems like a daunting task. It can even be dangerous to drive while you are too ill. Imagine having to drive when you, or you passengers have a severe case of food poisoning, are feeling faint, or suffering seizures. Sounds like a nightmare, does it not?

The nightmare continues when you get to the doctor’s practice or hospital and you have to wait around for your appointment, suffering discomfort and embarrassment while waiting your turn in the waiting room.

In these cases, it is better if medical help comes to you. A house call doctor may be the best solution. Luckily, with Doctors-on-Call, this is a reality.

With Doctors-on-Call, a house-call doctor, you won’t have to waste your time waiting in the waiting room.

House call doctors-making your health more convenient

All doctors from Doctors-on-Call are equipped with the latest mobile medical technology to treat a variety of illnesses. They can perform screenings, tests, and full medical check-ups for multiple patients at once.

Should the Doctors believe any patient needs hospitalization, they are able to facilitate this and get them admitted straight away.

These doctors can also perform screenings to prevent further illness. What is great about a house call doctor is that several patients can be treated all in one visit. This means the entire family can get their doctors appointment all in one go. The doctor can perform routine check-ups, receive preventive treatment for any contagious illnesses that might be going around and deal with multiple ailments in one day. This is a lifesaver for many busy parents who struggle to make back-to-back appointments for multiple children as well as for themselves. Having to go back and forth to the doctor’s practice for numerous appointments can be a huge inconvenience-which we relieve our clients of.

House-Calls out of the house

Doctor’s on call’s house call doctors do not just come to our house. These mobile doctors can treat you anywhere.

Our doctors are able to visit you and your children:

  • At work: Doctors-on-Call’s services are used by many companies to treat staff on site, as well as the children of staff in day cares.
  • At School: Doctors-on-Call are able to tend to children who feel ill or are injured at their school, without disrupting the school day, or needing parent to get them to a doctor.
  • Out or on holiday – Our house-call doctors are able to come to you, anytime and wherever you are. There is no need to stop your daily activities or cut your well-earned vacation short when you or anyone in your family falls ill.

Doctors-on-Call are affiliated with a large range of aircrews, hotel chains and even guest-houses in many regions. The next time you plan a trip, check our range of affiliates from which to choose your transport and accommodation. This will give you the peace of mind that wherever you are staying, a house-call doctor from Doctors-on-Call is on hand for any sudden illness or emergency.

Having a house call doctor can save time, save money, spare you the stress.

Contact us today to get set up and let doctors appointments be less thing to worry about.